Traveling with CPAP equipment

Whether it's for vacation or work, traveling can be tiresome – especially without your CPAP therapy providing a good night's sleep.

ResMed masks and machines make it easy to take your CPAP therapy with you anywhere so you can enjoy restful sleep (and productive mornings.)

Keep reading for helpful CPAP travel tips and tools. Bon voyage!


CPAP travel tips for flying:

What to know before you go

We know packing can be a pain, so we’ve created a list of all of the pre-travel, airport and hotel tips that can help make traveling with your CPAP a breeze.

Download our free CPAP traveler checklist:

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Travel light. Sleep well.

Meet AirMini: the world’s smallest CPAP is your perfect travel companion.

AirMini™ weighs less than a pound and offers waterless humidification, so you’ll never have to leave your CPAP therapy behind.

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CPAP travel tips for camping


Check in with your CPAP equipment supplier

Heading to the mountains? Check with your CPAP equipment provider to make sure your machine automatically compensates for altitudes of 8,500 or higher.


Battery up!

There are multiple battery options available, like the ResMed Power Station II (RPS II) battery. Talk to your CPAP equipment provider to discover which portable power option will best suit your travel needs.


Keep a converter handy

ResMed offers converters so you can use your device with a 12V or 24V DC power source in a car, boat or other vehicle with a suitable battery. Ask your CPAP equipment provider if they carry ResMed converters.

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Common questions about traveling with your CPAP

Can my therapy machine run from the 400Hz power supply on an aircraft?

Yes. Even though the rating plate on the therapy device specifies 50-60Hz, the switch mode power supply in the flow generator is compatible with the 110 volts 400Hz power supply on an aircraft.

Will I need to have my therapy machine adjusted if I travel at high altitudes?

While most of our devices will automatically compensate for higher altitude changes, some lightweight devices may require manual adjustment. If no adjustment is made, it may deliver less effective therapy. Please check with a professional at your CPAP equipment store.

Will the x-ray scanners at airport security affect my sleep therapy machine?

No, the x-ray scanners will not harm your machine. However, security may need to see a medical statement from your doctor verifying that you are carrying medical equipment, so keep it handy!

Do I need to take my machine with me if I need hospitalization?

Yes. If you are having surgery, it is very important that you tell both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist that you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and are being treated with CPAP.


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