3G Transition FAQs

When will Malaysia shut down the 3G network?

An official date has been released by Vodafone that Malaysia will shut down their 3G network with effect from 31st December 2021.

What does this mean regarding full-time monitoring on my 3G device?

Full-time monitoring via your homecare provider will only be available whilst the 3G network remains. However, ResMed’s 3G devices will be able to use 2G network to send or receive data in Malaysia. Refer to Question 3 for more information.

What will happen to my AirSense 10/AirCurve 10/Lumis device once the 3G network shuts down?

There will be no impact to the intended use of the device in delive¬ring sleep apnoea therapy. The device will continue to record therapy data on the removable SD card and utilise Malaysia’s 2G network to transmit the data. This can be used by your Accredited Partner to upload data into AirView or ResScan to review how your therapy is going.

Will the 3G network in Malaysia be shutting down at the same time across all states of Malaysia?

No. From 1st December 2021, 3G network shutdown will be effective in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor and only 4G or above devices will be supported. However, official confirmation of shutdown dates across the different states have not been provided.

Once the 3G network shuts down in Malaysia, if I travel overseas to a country with 3G

Yes, as your device has 2G & 3G cellular technology, your device will transmit data within APAC that has 2G & 3G network coverage available.

What are the product codes for the devices with built-in wireless connectivity with 4G?

Product Code Descriptions
37493 AirSense™ 10 Autoset™ APAC TRI C
37494 AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ FH APAC TRI C
37495 AirSense™ 10 Elite APAC TRI C
37481 AirCurve™ 10 VAuto APAC TRI 4G
28125 Lumis™ 150 VPAP ST ANZ TRI 4G

Is there a price difference between 3G and 4G devices?

No, pricing will be the same for both devices. There is no functional difference between the two devices, just the communications module is now 4G GSM to allow for the changes in the network.

How can you tell the difference between 3G and 4G devices?

The Product Codes listed in Question 6 are 4G devices and this can be identified by checking the silver label located on the back of the device.

What is the warranty period for an AirSense 10/AirCurve 10/Lumis device?

ResMed provides limited manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years for device For warranty information on other ResMed products, please refer to : https://www.resmed.my/product-warranty