Product highlights

  • User-friendly menu and touch-screen big button features make it easy to operate
  • Quickly switch between mouthpiece or mask ventilation without changing adapters. Switch programs with just a few buttons.
  • Alarms notify caregivers and healthcare providers when a potential issue arises
  • IntelligentAir auto-adjusting therapy modes: iVAPS, iBR, AutoEPAP to ensure appropriate ventilation is delivered, even when your respiratory rate changes
  • Paired with ResMed Connectivity Module (RCM) for wireless connectivity enabling efficient collaboration and coordinated patient care and physicians.
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Comparing the Astral 100 and Astral 150

Two options to meet your changing needs:

Simplicity and ease

Astral 100

A lightweight and portable life-support ventilator that provides both invasive and non-invasive options.

Added features

Astral 150

Offers the same functionality as Astral 100 as well as a double-limb circuit and Fi02 monitoring.


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